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My name is Maria and I am a 23 year old Latina woman! I have no experience in nude modeling so I am very amateur when it comes to removing my clothing in front of people or either doing anything related to the porn industry. However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have fun at the shoot! As you can probably tell by many of the pictures, I had an absolute blast at the modeling shoot! I wanted to have fun with my pictures and I also wanted to do as many different poses and positions as I possibly could do! I usually get compliments from guys about my big and plump ass! Do you like a big ass on a woman? If you do, I hope that you like my big and thick ass! And of course, my breasts are 100% natural too! As far as how I became a model for the website, I came into contact with Ray (model photographer) at one of the local parks around my house. It’s a relaxing and little park with trails that go through it and there is also a nice pond of water in the center of the park.

Ray was sitting on a bench by the pond and waiting for his friend. As soon as I jogged beside him, he asked for me to come over to him because he wanted to ask me a question! He started talking to me about modeling and all sorts of website stuff. At first, I didn’t really know what he was even asking me. That is, until he flat out told me that he would love to do a nude modeling shoot with me! I thought that the modeling seemed very exciting, and if you look at my pictures, you can easily tell that I was having a great time at the shoot! I hope that you enjoy my pictures, and be sure to watch out for more content coming out from me soon! Thank’s for the cool modeling shoot Ray and be sure to stay in touch because I want to shoot with you more!