Amy R. Modeling From True Amateur Models

My name is Amy R. and I am 18 years old. I was over at the store the other day browsing though the women’s clothing section when this photographer guy walked over to me and just started talking to me! He was all asking stuff like questions about the women’s clothing and was looking for something to buy someone as a gift but did not know quite the exact size. At first, I remember thinking to myself …so why don’t you go ask one of the store associates? lol – but the guy was really nice and I actually enjoyed talking to him anyways. I noticed this big tattoo on his arm while we were both talking with one another and I asked him about it. He told me that the tattoo is the name of his amateur nude modeling website and that he shoots nude models! He spoke with me more about it and I started finding myself becoming more and more interested in actually doing a nude modeling shoot myself! It seemed like a lot of fun! The only thing though is I don’t really smile all the time. I told that to the model photographer and he told me that everything was fine because he would rather me be my true self instead of pretending. He is very clear to the girls to just be themseleves. That’s the kinda stuff he shoots anyways though. It’s funny too because the model photographer actually wanted me to go with him right then and there to do the modeling shoot! Gosh, I didn’t even have any sort of preparation or anything! We just literally went from the shopping mall and directly to the amateur nude modeling shoot!