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My name is Rachael and I am 19 years old. Ray (the photographer for True Amateur Models) wanted me to write something explaining how I became a model for the site, so here it goes! I work in the public library and sometimes Ray will come in to read through the books. One day, I saw him looking through the photography books and I asked him if I could assist him in finding anything. I am into photography myself so it was interesting speaking with Ray regarding his amateur nude modelng website. As far as me becoming a model, he just started talking to me one day about the website. I wasn’t quite sure about doing it at first, but I changed my mind after my friend told me that I should just go for it! The shoot was interesting though ….and we also did the shoot over at my house! I wouldn’t let Ray come over without my friend being there though because I really didn’t know him, but he seemed real nice and if you want to shoot again Ray, let me know and you can just come over by yourself the next time. I hope I did okay with writing this ….and I hope all of you guys like my photos!